OpenBoard is an administrative software for schools that automates the entire process of running their institution. It offers an interactive, real-time medium to execute the functions of the institution. Be it a small school, college with thousands of students, university or a group of institutions located in multiple cities, OpenBoard gives you the capability of conveniently managing all operations. It integrates all the processes, departments, and functions of an institution by consolidating information on a central server, making the functioning more organized and streamlined, thus ensuring an increase in efficiency due to enhanced productivity. Leveraging the power of cloud computing, OpenBoard gives institutions access to all the data of their institution at anytime, anyplace. Powerful reporting and analysis features coupled with a communication suite that is integrated throughout the tool formidably support your everyday functions.

Based out of Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi, India, OpenBoard was established in 2011. Our portfolio of work deals majorly with education and our experience in catering to this sector is where our strength lies. In our customers' eyes, OpenBoard stands for value for money, quality, innovation and delivery. Our dedicated teams of specialists work passionately to transform the way our clients leverage of our tools. Our educational products assist more than one million students and educators.

OpenBoard Overview

In the age of increased accountability, Institutions face more pressure to document student learning and demonstrate improvement than ever before. Parents want concrete evidence to demonstrate the improvement of their wards performance. Accrediting bodies are requiring more evidence of continuous improvement against standards. An ideal solution would give you the tools you need to measure learning, analyze and report on real data and manage improvement. Besides this, you need a system that is attuned to your administrative needs and provides you a host of benefits that make using the system a winning proposition.

OpenBoard Institution Administration and Student Information Software is a powerful and fully online solution that gives your institution the computing power needed to manage thousands of students spread across several branches. We have designed possibly the most perfect system that integrates all administrative functions within the entire student lifecycle as well as added essential functions like reporting and communication to create the perfect tool for your institution. Read more about why OpenBoard makes perfect sense for your institution.

Extreamly Strong Basic:

OpenBoard offers enough computing power to manage every detail of every student, teacher and alumni and create meaningful reports out of the same. Read more about how that helps you.

Fully Functional Modules:

OpenBoard is a fully integrated ERP that needs data to be entered just once in order to power your institution’s academic and administrative functions. And all of this on one single interface.

Smooth User Interaction:

Easy to use, easy to manage, easy to report and easy to learn! OpenBoard is a system designed to be used by every type of user. We make the process of owning, learning and using OpenBoard as easy as possible!

No Hosting Skill Required:

The moment you choose OpenBoard school and college management software, our launch process kicks in, ensuring that within 3 weeks from the day you sign up for OpenBoard, you have access to your very own, customized OpenBoard solution.

Try free before you Pay:

Fully customizable administrative and education software was never this affordable! OpenBoard fits perfectly in the budgets of schools and colleges of all sizes.

On the cloud:

Perform all educational and administrative tasks in a web-based environment that is both easy to use and highly extensible. OpenBoard is a fully online school and college management system and can be accessed from anywhere, even your mobile phone!